Whatever our own reasons for wanting to come kickboxing, whether it be for defence, exercise, to let off some steam, to combat that bully or fight off the day's stresses - at the end of the day, we're all in this because we want to have a good time, have fun, get to know some great people and feel good.

So - here's some answers to things that commonly worry the socks off new people.

Q. Do I have to spar, I'm scared of doing it?
A. No, not yet...and you're not alone. Sparring is something to build up to, with an instructor watching over you, starting off very lightly and only once you're ready. Any instructor who allows you to spar 'full contact' in your first few weeks should be given a very wide birth.

Q. I'm too unfit/too old.
A. Erm - no you're not. 'Unfit', we're experts at fixing. 'Too old' is a phrase that we abolished a long time a go. Whatever your age or ability, let us worry about it.

Q. I have a medical issue. Can I still try?
A. If your doctor's in agreement, yes, of course. Be sure to give us all the facts before you train.

Q. I'm a  beginner- I can't train with high grades. Is there a beginner's class?
A. We've all been beginners. Students of all grades are normal friendly people. They know control. They know you're new. They won't beat you up, they will help you. For that reason we all train together. If you'd feel better with a one to one class first though that's fine. Please see fees here and give us a call.

Q. Why is kickboxing good for me?
A. Kickboxing uses every muscle of your body and is a great, aerobic and cardiovascular workout.
In an hour's class (depending on the content, and individual of course) a person can burn an average of 800 calories - as opposed to an average of 240 on a cross trainer machine.
Besides all that obvious weight and fat loss and body tone, it releases pent up aggression, tension, improves balance and flexibility, builds confidence and reduces depression.
People feel increased energy levels.
Suddenly you'll find yourself with an arsenal of defensive weapons, should you ever need them.
Many people enjoy it for the martial arts aspect without the dogma that comes with traditional forms.

Q. Is there a Children only class?
A. Again, we train together. Senior students help children, children help children and can help adults too. All our classes are kept relatively small so that everyone can have proper time spent with the instructor. There's extra fun to be had in all classes for kids and adults alike with occasional martial arts games.

Q. Is there an Adult only class?
A. There is. Only because some adults prefer to train in a serious fashion without very young children as a distraction. Very dedicated and serious Cadets (5-16s) may sometimes be allowed to attend the Senior students class as well.

Q. I'd like to come and try. What do I need to do?
A. You can either let us know or just turn up. You should wear a t shirt and tracksuit bottoms (not jeans or shorts please) and bare feet is always best. You can bring a still drink, or use the water machine outside the training room. There are toilets directly outside the room as well. If you need directions, please call us.