Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply between all Senior Members, Junior Members (also referred to as 'Cadets', being under the age of 16), their parents or guardians and KBOX Kickboxing Academy (also referred to as  'the Club').
If Club Terms and Conditions are not adhered to by any student, we reserve the right to refuse training, sparring or even membership in extreme circumstances.

We (the Club):
Will not share any of your personal details with any third party except our licensing/insuring Association (MAGB Ltd) and First Aid providers where necessary.
Once written consent is given, will only contact senior members and parents or guardians of Cadets via email or sms to inform them of Club news, promotions etc.
May use photographs taken during class for promotion once your consent is given.
Will treat all students equally, recognise individual ability and endeavour to help and encourage them accordingly, using suitable learning methods.
Will not tolerate bullying, or discrimination against race, gender, age, sexual or political orientation or religion.
Will honour your 'Lifetime Membership' for life.
Will destroy paperwork for 'non - members' after 12 months if 'Lifetime Membership' has not been paid.

You (the practicing student):
Will treat all fellow students equally, with respect and good manners, encouraging them to help them achieve their best.
Will try your best on the day, each time you train and attempt to train regularly when able.
Will respect the Instructor (s), the Club and your training area, keeping this tidy, reporting spillages immediately and alerting the instructor if you need to leave the room and when you return.
Will not put yourself or any other student at risk of injury and will wear appropriate protective equipment at all times.
Will keep fingernails and toenails short, not wear jewellery or chew gum in class.
Will wear your gi (uniform) and the grading belt you are awarded with pride whenever you train.
Will arrive early or on time. If you are late, bow to your instructor and join in quietly please. An apology goes a long way too!

We ask everyone to understand that the continuation and progression of your club is down to every one of us trying hard to make it work. We value you opinions. Without  enough students, there will be no class for you or the others, so please try to make training whenever you can to ensure classes can always be viable.

Thank you,
Sensei Izzie Kirk