Terms and Conditions

1. Our club is friendly and relaxed and everyone is equal regardless of age, ability, gender, race, or sexuality. Bullying, belittling, or abuse of any description will not be tolerated, and will result in appropriate action. This may  include dismissal from the session, belt demotion or expulsion from the Club (including total grade stripping) in extreme cases. Always respect yourself and others, in and out of the Dojo.

2. All students will make maximum effort to attend their regular session every week and work enthusiastically to improve and achieve goals.

3. Everyone is responsible for keeping  the Dojo tidy,  clean and safe, respecting our equipment and reporting any spillages or accidents of any kind immediately to the highest rank in class. Liquid to be kept off the training area.

4. Students are not to chew gum, and must remove all jewellery, especially rings and watches before training to reduce risk of injury to themselves and others, or damage to our equipment. Uniform must be clean, tidy and ironed, and fingernails and toenails to be kept short at all times.

5. Protective gear to be worn when instructed. Either borrow ours or buy your own with our advice please.

6. All missed Direct Debit sessions must be used up within that same month or will be lost.

7. One month's notice must be given before cancelling any direct debit.

8. Grading opportunities occur at increasing intervals according to rank. Students will be invited to grade if they train each week without unreasonable absences , consistently work hard, showing the correct level of competence for that grade, good attitude and personal improvement.

9. Sessions will start on time. Please make every effort to be punctual, and don't disrespect those who turned up on time by wandering in late (please let us know if you will be unavoidably late). You may be refused training if you're not on time. Any fees to be paid  BEFORE the beginning of class.

10.  Licence books (Black/orange MAGB) must be complete with photo, details and signature and handed in for updating at the time of annual renewal, and along with grading test forms before  grading. No student can be permitted to train without a  valid licence and insurance.

We value EVERYONE'S opinion. Please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions. Our Facebook page (kboxkickboxing) offers a  group chat where these can be shared. You may call Sensei Izzie (07905 052307) any time between 10am and 9pm if you have queries or concerns.

Thank you,
Sensei Izzie Kirk