In order to run a 'happy house' which is safe and fun and exciting to train in, there have to be some rules which apply to ALL students, regardless of grade or age. Please make sure you are familiar with them, and stick to them. Thank you.

  • Respect yourself and others at all times. We have rarely had any issues with this but bullying and 'dissing' of any kind will never be tolerated. Racist, sexist and ageist etc. remarks will be appropriately dealt with. There is no place for ego. There's always someone better than you are. Humility is a far better quality.

  • As a mark of respect, turn up early, wait quietly so as not to disturb the class before, and when you can go into the Studio, go in quietly, remove your shoes and socks and put all your stuff NEATLY at the side, away from the training area.

  • Belts and proper uniform to be worn at all times, with pride for your achievement and respect for all other grades.

  • Please pay BEFORE class begins as there are sometimes classes in after us and we need to exit the Studio quickly.

  • In the interests of safety, no drinks are allowed on the training area. Spillages must be reported and cleaned up immediately.

  • No jewellery or chewing gum.

  • Sparring is only allowed with the proper kit, including headguards and mouthguards. Insurance only covers me and you if you're wearing protective gear. We won't be held accountable, and for your safety we won't let you choose to break the rules.

  • Everyone will try their hardest in class.

  • No head gear (except head guards, obviously, covered below)- we are not hoodlums.

  • All sparring equipment must be approved by Sensei before you can use it. Please don't go and buy your own before you have asked for advice on which kinds to purchase. Insurers are particular and some gear isn't sufficiently safe for our discipline.