All students must train for minimum periods of time between their grade tests in order to give them time to improve and learn.
After that time, we will consider whether they've worked hard enough, have the right attitude according to the belt they'd like to test for and whether they know and can perform their syllabus well.

We will never enter a  student for grading on the basis that they've simply completed enough classes. KBOX is about knowledge, learning and self improvement.

     Some Notes on the Cadet System.

  • Cadets (under 16s) and Seniors follow the same syllabus until 1st Kyu.

  • 2nd and 1st Kyu syllabuses are shortened and 'watered down' slightly for Cadets.

  • A Cadet must be at least 12 years old in order to be Cadet Black ( a provisional grade) which is an easier version of the full Senior 1st Dan black. Cadet black shows a student has learned basic techniques, can fight well to defend and has learned discipline, focus and trained regularly with hard work, to their best standard.

  • At 16, s/he will take the full  (1st Dan) grading, and if the time between is more than two years, will take an Intermediate 'refresher' grade first.

  • The reason for this system is for safety purposes. We feel that, even if they show themselves to be highly capable technically, younger students are not sufficiently emotionally mentally mature, or physically matched to hold full senior 1st Dan Black Belts and do not fully understand the implications and responsibilities which come with holding a 'black belt' in a martial art.

  • That said, Cadet Black is a difficult, exhausting and highly revered belt, needing much practice and dedication and is given only to students who are fully deserving.

  • Cadets take all gradings included in the gold route shown below from 10th kyu.

SENIORS(16 years+)

CADETS (Under 16)
Minimum training period since last grading.
(Counted in classes)

Beginner to white (10th kyu)

Red (9th Kyu)

Yellow (8th Kyu)

Orange (7th Kyu)

Green (6th Kyu)

Blue (5th Kyu)

Purple (4th Kyu)

Brown (3rd Kyu)

Brown with white stripe (2nd kyu)
Senior syllabus is shortened for cadets.
Brown with black stripe (1st kyu)
Senior syllabus is shortened for cadets.

Cadet Black
(white stripe)
Minimum age 12


Cadet Black Intermediate
(red stripe)

Half way bridge between Cadet black and 1st Dan black.

1st Dan
Minimum age 16

28 hours
2nd Dan
2 years' training (from date of gaining 1st dan) instructing experience and involvement in club improvement.
3rd Dan
3 years' training (from date of gaining 2nd dan) instructing experience and involvement in club improvement.

These stripes are awarded automatically for periods of service and dedication to the club, instructing, training, learning, additional courses beneficial to the club and its students etc. These are at the discretion of the Chief instructor.


4th Dan - minimum 4 years' service after 3rd Dan (9 years total from 1st dan).

5th Dan - min 5 years' service after 4th Dan (14 years total from 1st dan).

6th Dan - min 6 years after 5th Dan and so on. (20 years min from receieving 1st dan