In line with GDPR, our online Privacy Statement has changed slightly to cover all aspects of our information usage, but as ever KBOX continues to take your personal information very seriously.

Our website only uses cookies if you fill in the contact form on the Contact Us page. You can delete any cookies from your computer at any time by choosing this option in your brower under 'Clear Browsing Data' or similar.
As with emails or any other method you use to contact us,  the information you tell us will only be used for our records, and in case we need to contact you for Club related issues.

General Club Usage:
When you begin training with us, we require you to complete a Membership Form for our records, which includes sharing with us any known medical details, so that we can have your health and safety in mind whilst training.
These forms and subsequent information, sensitive or otherwise, we deem private issues (held safely with our Chief Instructor only) and will not be discussed with or viewed by anyone else, or shared with third parties.

The only exception to this is in the unlikely event that a medical emergency arises, whereby we will usually ask to (or assume your consent if you are unable)  share relevant details in confidence with any Emergency Services, (or First Aid staff on scene and other Club Instructors where necessary).)

Since Membership is regarded as 'Life Long' at our Club, we will continue to hold Membership forms indefinitely, even if you apparently cease attending, on the understanding that you may return to classes at any time, unless you ask us to erase it.