What people say is really important to us and essential to how we improve.
Here's what some have had to say about us:

‘As an experienced youth worker of many years I found Kick Boxing to be a fantastic vehicle for working with this group of young women. As well as the obvious benefits it has helped shape my working relationship with them as a group but equally as individuals.
From a personal point of view I was chuffed to see the programme through to grading and thoroughly enjoyed every session. I felt safe and supported which helped me to set myself goals and personal challenges.
Thanks Izzie…..I loved it’
Bev Turton – Youth worker YMCA Barnsley


‘I really enjoyed kickboxing, I enjoyed learning a new skill, it’s a cool thing to do’
Young woman participant and member of YMCA Barnsley


'I learned something new and it helped me become fitter’
Young woman participant 2 and member of YMCA Barnsley


'I loved kickboxing, it taught me to be confident and stand up for myself'
Young woman participant 3 and member of YMCA Barnsley


'I started at KBOX because I was being teased at school. Now, because I've been coming here, they don't do it any more'
Anon, 10 years old


'A great place for people of all ages, all level of fitness.'
Klaudia Joczyn

'Brilliant club to go to! If you want to try it out, improve fitness or learn the martial art then it is highly reccommended by me. Sensei Izzie is a fantastic instructor and has a clear, effective way of demonstrating and explaining activities within each class.'
Jason Littlewood


'My son and I have worked our way from white belt to brown belt in a friendly, professional and fun class..our sensei is fantastic at understanding any students good or bad abilities and works to teach each student good technique, fitness,confidence and respect.....'
Tony Littlewood


'Brilliant club to go to. Great instructor. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn kickboxing, and stay fit!'
Jackie O'Neil


'A relaxed but disciplined class, with an excellent tutor. Many classes running throughout the week, accommodating students of many age groups. I have attended for over two years and find it great for fitness.'
Brett Biggs


'A friendly and inclusive class taught by a knowledgeable, patient and confident tutor. K-box should be your first port-of-call if you're thinking of taking up martial arts.'
Del Scott Miller


'Fantastic classes and a great Instructor...come and give it a go!'
Dave Cartawick


'Brilliant club, great way to keep fit and learn how to kickbox with really friendly people
Izzie is a fantastic instructor who can relate to adults and children and is really good with nervous beginners'
Sarah Bostwick